Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Perfect Play Blackjack Submitted to the iPhone App Store!

Just submitted version 1.0 of Perfect Play Blackjack to the App Store!


First developed as a student project in the Stanford University iPhone Application Programming class, Perfect Play Blackjack is the first iPhone app to provide precise, real-time blackjack situational odds and analysis.

• Track all aspects of a blackjack game including player cards, dealer cards, and other cards used at the table
• Calculate best play and odds based on cards remaining in the deck in every situation
• Play blackjack against the computer by having the application choose cards randomly
• Track the current card count with various systems including Hi-Lo, Hi-Opt I/II, Zen, and Omega II
• Support for 1-8 decks
• Fast mode (recommended) approximates odds (+- 0.5%) almost instantaneously
• Precision mode employs a comprehensive simulation to find exact statistical odds

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